Head & Neck Supporting Pillow
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Sunveno DiaperBag Hooks

LE 150.00

Sunveno DiaperBag Hooks is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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-هذا الحامل سيوفر لك 3 أضعاف المساحة التى تكفى لتعليق حقيبة الحفاضات و مشترواتك لتستمتعى بالتسوق بكل حرية. 

       دوران 360 درجة

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حمولة 10 كجم 

Let's face it, baby strollers, are not designed with accessible and enough storage space in mind. There are times when you feel loaded down, with diaper bags, purses shopping bags, grocery bags, backpacks, and much more. Let us remove the load off your shoulder, literally!

 Simply clipping the Sunveno organizer hooks to your stroller will triple your storage space. Made from ABS Plastic which means they will last forever.

Easily removable and no fiddling with a harness or straps.

  •         The hook is fully rotatable (360-degree rotation).
  •         Easy install and remove.
  •         Compatible with all types of strollers.
  •         With adjustable velcro strap is great for hanging anywhere
  •         Can hold up to 10 kgs of load.